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Who we are 

We are an independent diverse group, committed to promoting the benefits of immunisation. We are parents, health professionals and other concerned people within the Western Australian community who are passionate about immunisation. Have a look at our Team Immunisation and Board Members pages and say hello!

Mission Statement

To promote immunisation in the Western Australian community through;

  • Information

  • Partnerships

  • Advocacy

Vision of The Alliance

To see the Western Australian community protected from vaccine preventable diseases through immunisation.

Our Logo

  • Blue and green represent the Earth's land and sea. We are now part of a global community and it is crucial we are aware of this and keep our Global Village in mind. Infectious diseases travel everywhere and people travel abroad on holidays, migrate and work overseas all the time. No longer are our countries completely seperate landmasses! We can travel the world in less time than it takes for the Influenza virus to develop in a person!
  • The circle represents vaccination protection for the people in our community. The circle includes Herd Immunity, which is the goal we are striving for. Sometimes people cannot be vaccinated and they are protected by the control of the preventable diseases by the immunised herd. Vaccinating not only protects our nearest and dearest but also others in our community.
  • The human shapes represent people of all ages, colours, sizes and shapes. The one thing we want is for them all to be immunised! We hope to help educate people from all over Western Australia and help get those immunisation rates increasing again. 


What side effects can I expect after a vaccine ?

What to do and who to contact if you are worried about yourself or someone else following a vaccination.


What is Immunisation ?

Videos showing the science behind immunisation. Find out the facts, weigh and balance, the risk of the disease and the risk of the vaccine.


Preventable Diseases- real stories

Real families affected by vaccine preventable diseases.


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